Strategies to Win at People Analytics: A Battle Tested Story – David Dadoun, The ALDO Group

HR is at the heart and soul of any successful organization, after all without our “People” how could we ever dream of winning. So why don’t more companies have a “People” analytics function in place? With our “It’s all about the People” mentality we have taken the steps to turn People Analytics into a value generating reality.

Conservative estimates claim that it will cost 6-9 months of salary to replace a current employee. How do we become more efficient leveraging analytics at managing our “People” and curbing those avoidable costs.

Key Takeaways
• How to successfully start your People Analytics Function;
• Tips on how to win and prove value with People Analytics;
• How to efficiently define KPIs;
• Building your first People Analytics Dashboard;
• How to effectively recruit and train rare analytical talent;
• Tips on how to kick off a Data Literacy program that will turn your people into analytical powerhouses

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