Putting an end to Kafka Blindness with Confluent Data Governance – Brice Leporini, Confluent


Session Outline

With the explosion in volume, variety, and velocity of data powering the modern enterprise, it’s no surprise that the management of that data has become paramount to the success of companies across the globe. Data governance is now a mainstream, mandatory, and critical force behind the “data everywhere” movement. As a result, many organizations have adopted the governance tools needed to manage their data. And this is not just about complying with data regulations or mitigating possible risks, it’s also about making the data available, discoverable to empower people to be more self-sufficient and productive in their day to day data tasks. For it to function properly there needs to be coordination, control and visibility on the data that flows across the system. This means connecting, storing, and analyzing all data that moves within your business, 24/7, anywhere, in real-time.

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