Keeping it Simple: How to Tell Convincing Stories with Data – Rafi Zelikowsky, Tableau Software

From a young age, we’ve been taught to back up our stories withe vidence. The more points of evidence, the more likely our stories are believed. However, today, as the size of data increases, our storytelling needs to become simpler. How can we win, with less?

In this session, you’ll hear about some of the techniques used to tell compelling stories with data, and how those stories can impact your influence with external and internal stakeholders.

Data Storytelling techniques + examples:

  • Making it simple
  • Use compelling visuals
  • Give context to follow story arc

Using data storytelling to gain external buy-in:

  • Examples of how good storytelling can establish credibility and convince external stakeholders to make an investment in a product/personal brand.

Using data storytelling to gain internal buy-in:

  • Examples from an internal perspective, how to convince others that you are worth listening to and investing in.

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