AI and Insurance : How to Spark a Digital Transformation – Liselott Johansson, Greater Than

The insurance business is experiencing a rapid growth in new, groundbreaking technology. Telematics, IoT, AI and ML are making way for usage-based solutions, challenging the historical perception how insurance policy is created. But how do you convince a traditional industry to adapt their deep-rooted business models to your new technology?

The answer is: maybe you don’t. Maybe you just create new business model.

As CEO for Swedish insurtech-company Greater Than, Liselott has been at the steering wheel during the journey from small start-up to a substantial player in the growing insurtech market.

At Women in Data Summit, Liselott will share her story about how to take on digital transformation challenges and successfully manage a digitally driven business in a traditional industry based on the insights and experience gained from the journey with Greater Than.

Key Takeaways:

  • Approaching industry challenges with a digital mindset
  • Go beyond start-up: how to shape your idea into business
  • How efficient data analysis can change the core of how an industry works

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