How to become a data visualization pro – Nick Desbarats, Practical Reporting Inc.


There’s a lot of confusion around what skills are required to create truly useful, compelling charts. While most people focus on becoming experts in Excel, Tableau, d3.js, etc., knowing how to use these tools is just a small part of what it takes, and it’s not even the most important part. In this eye-opening talk, globally recognized data visualization expert Nick Desbarats enumerates the surprisingly long and varied list of skills and knowledge that are required to become a true data visualization pro.

Key Takeaways

  • The essential, almost-essential, and nice-to-have skills and knowledge that are required to create truly useful charts.
  • Why it’s possible to be an Excel/Tableau/Etc. expert and still produce useless (or, worse, misleading) charts.
  • Suggested resources for learning missing skills.

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