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Things to Know When Building a Data Team – The interest that organisations have for data development is growing and having the right data team to achieve this is crucial. But many organisations face challenges when building the data team or when engaging data professionals. This article summarizes several tips and recommendations that will help organisations with their intention to utilise the data they have with the right people.

Data Literacy as a Factor for Data-Driven Cultural Change in an organisation – According to Gartner, establishing a data culture is a top concern for Chief Data Officers in organisations, followed by advanced analytics capabilities to unlock metrics around how their businesses perform and establish data analysis strategies for better decision-making and data-driven decisions. In this article the focus is on data literacy as a key factor for building a data- driven culture in an organisation.

How to Democratize Data Across organisations: Use Cases – Democratization of data and AI is the ultimate goal enabling practitioners across functions to innovate and maximize the value of the organisationā€™s advanced analytics capabilities. organisations must equip all employees and stakeholders with easy access to data and no code AI products without extensive or expensive training to achieve this goal. This article points out several steps organisations should be aware of from the data management perspective. 

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More on data literacy, where an organisation to start, what and how to assess data literacy, and how to identify, pick and choose the most relevant components to a business, we share one free resource for organisations: The Data Literacy Program Manager framework. 

Earlier this year, AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden added 15 new AI startups to theĀ Swedish AI Startup LandscapeĀ that, until then, had 198 companies as part of the landscape. This platform features AI startups from Sweden and increases their chances of finding customers, partners and talent.

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Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 080 with Andreas Lundmark, Nordic Head of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) GAMMA.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 081 with Fredrik Heintz, Professor of Computer Science at Linkƶping University.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 082Ā with Mats Nordlund, Head of Data Factory at AI Sweden.

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  • We remind you to explore theĀ Data 2030 SummitĀ and itsĀ MEA editionĀ that is happening in March 2023 in Dubai. Find out how you can be part ofĀ thisĀ event.Ā 
  • Donā€™t forget that the places for the most anticipatedĀ Data Innovation Summit 2023Ā in May 2023 in Stockholm are getting booked very fast. Reserve your spot forĀ thisĀ event.Ā 
  • Book your calendars on the 24th and 25th of October 2023 for another greatĀ Data 2030 SummitĀ in theĀ NordicĀ region. The upcoming edition will be a hybrid one. It will take place at the Birger Jarl Hotel in Stockholm and the event platform Agorify. Once again, this event will be the platform for the Data Management community to discuss ways for faster Data Innovation and AI deployment across the enterprise. CheckĀ thisĀ event.Ā 
  • Save the date from now for the next edition of theĀ Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning (NDSML) Summit, which is 25th and 26th of October, 2023. Birger Jarl Hotel in Stockholm will be once again the place that will gather the fantastic community of ML and data science professionals. This event also can be followed online at the event platform Agorify. Find more aboutĀ thisĀ event.Ā 

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