The Disruptive Power of Data – Greg Hanson

Digital transformation changes our expectations: better service, faster delivery, greater convenience, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant. The good news? Data holds the answers.

But with data as the new and trusted currency, traditional approaches to data management won’t buy you much value. They simply cannot scale to both manage today’s hybrid architectures and support the many needs of the business. More data, more users, and more integration patterns increase the complexity of data management. With an overarching goal to integrate previously siloed data into a shared source of governed, trusted, and timely data to serve the needs of your entire organization, you need to manage data end-to- end, using the power of data, metadata, and machine learning/AI. We would like to challenge you to reimagine how data will drive intelligent disruption, and get ready to make possible what never existed before.

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