The 4 disastrous situations we have faced when meeting prospects – Luc Legardeur, ZEENEA


In this presentation, I won’t discuss Data Cataloguing at all. Without mentioning anyone directly, I will make a parallel between political regimes and real-life situations we came across with certain customers suffering from failed data strategies.Dictatorship, monarchy, aristocracy, and anarchy are the 4 regimes I would like to map onto real-life situations.Luc Legardeur, our VP International Operations will close this session with a surprise for you!

Key Takeaways

  • You will have meat to talk to your manager and help her/him avoid some tricky situations
  • You will have a fun survey to run in your company for self-evaluation
  • You may even come off as an enlightened thought leader
  • You will lough at others and tell yourself: “good grief, I am not working there”

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