Synergies of having an Analytics Data Pipeline – Enabling Active Intelligence – Dan Sommer, Qlik


Most organizations struggle ​to make actionable data available to their users, let alone turn it into business value. ​IT often has data, the business needs data but the intersection is typically very small.  Having an end-to-end analytics data pipeline opens up several synergistic opportunities that help turn raw data into business value, capturing more business moments, by enabling what we call Active Intelligence. In this opening session, Dan Sommer from Qlik will explain how connecting data and analytics, bringing data at rest and data in motion together, and embedding this in business processes drives collaboration and compels action.

Key Takeaways

  • opportunities opening up from having an end-to-end pipeline
  • what is required from a people, process, technology perspective
  • will be followed by ABB customer case-study

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