Real-time, Scalable Applications Powered by Redis Modern Data Platform – Alezandre Vasseur & Ruurd Keizer, Redis

Session Outline

These days, applications and services – especially when consumer facing – are expected to be responsive and real-time. To support this, organizations building innovative solutions need scalable and lightning-fast data processing platforms. Requirements on these platforms range from apps working against millions of rows of data demanding millisecond response times to globally available geo-distributed deployment. Not a trivial task. Especially while ensuring SLAs are keeping operations, cost, and development plus integration complexity under control.

Key Takeaways:

  • We hat it takes to support new, innovative applications powered by real-time data:
  • How to unlock data-driven innovation for developers to ingest, process and query data at in-memory speed ?
  • How can those modern real-time apps be put on superpower mode with Redis Enterprise and be deployed quickly and at any scale on any platform or cloud with full resilience?
  • What outcomes can be expected by adopting the Redis real-time data platform? Retail, financial services, gaming case studies and find out what outcomes organizations have achieved with real time scalable applications.

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