Progressive Data Management & Monetisation In A Digital Enterprise – Peter Walker

For over 40 years, Information Builders have remained at the forefront of Data Innovation, consistently delivering on and supporting organisations challenges and opportunities when it comes to Data management, governance, analytics and BI. In this session Peter Walker, VP Information Builders, will talk about how to deliver on data management and data monetisation in the digital enterprise.


  • Learn how to get from ‘IT Value added’ to ‘Customer Value Added’ as part of your journey managing the Data Value Chain for your enterprise.
  • Hear about the key steps and trends to adopt and consider as part of driving a ‘Data Monetisation’ strategy for your organisation.
  • Progressive data management in a Big Data/IOT & Hadoop world – learn what you can do, that will help you reduce time and cost, in getting to the point of maximum Big Data project value as well as to enable you to leverage the full value of your data eco-system.

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