Optimize Your IT-Organization To Bridge The Gap Between Business And IT – Benjamin Ernryd

During the past 7 years Parks and Resorts has consolidated its IT environments from 5 to 1 and have created a modern and efficient IT-platform for Parks and Resorts and it’s theme parks including everything from infrastructure, IT-processes, service catalogues and organization processes. In today’s faster and faster digitalizing processes, Parks and Resorts IT recently reorganized and recreated some IT-processes to be able, not only to meet the business demands, but also to lead and bridge the gap between business and IT.

  • In a modern world where every budget includes IT, why is IT always brought in last in the process?
  • Why bother? I like my servers. Well, lead the change or go back to the basement
  • Turning the tanker, did we succeed or did Parks and Resorts hit ground? If not, what did we do?

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