Mind The Gap – Federico Rosenhain

This session gives insights on how to move from BI to Big Data, which is not an easy thing and there is a gap. Moving from traditional BI (reporting, analytics, scripts) is not the same as adopting Big Data as a new paradigm (capturing information online, capturing high amounts of information, analyse billion of records every second etc), and where is a gap standing between and why. Moreover, to solve this problem you need to think outside the box, you cannot solve a certain problem using the same data set you used to discover it.

Key Points

  • Information structure volume nowadays is changing and data sources are not structured anymore as they used to be
  • The speed of gathering data is becoming a critical variable and if everything is changing why don’t we embrace Big Data
  • To move from BI to Big Data we need to think outside the box because there is a gap and the question is why there is the gap at all

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