Keynote | How can you know who is richer without revealing their wealth? – Mats Stellwall, Snowflake


Session Outline

Today, it is easier than ever to collaborate around data between organizations and use that data for AI/ML driven solutions. However, we also have increasing privacy requirements that makes it in reality very challenging to share data that is related to those requirements. An example of this challenge is Yao’s Millionaires’ problem, which is about two millionaires who are interested in knowing who of them is richer without revealing their actual wealth. In this keynote, I will walk you through how these challenges can be solved in a way that enables you to use and share more data without scarifying governance and security.

Key Takeaways

– How to do privacy-safe data collaboration to fuel targeting audience enrichment, insights, measurement & machine learning

– How to allow data owners to define rules about what questions can be answered using their data without exposing the underlying data

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