Increasing Ethics In Innovation Through Data Governance – Rutendo A Urenje

Most people are interested in innovation but very few of us think about this innovation in terms of appropriate solutions. Innovation has brought immense good; however, we must come to terms with the fact that the data economy is growing exponentially causing the rate at which we innovate increase and ethical evaluations of appropriate innovation more cumbersome. Data Governance not only help us manage information for innovation but it helps us standardise fundamentals upon which we ethically use data for good innovation.


  • Innovation is good and good innovation needs data governance
  • Data Governance Fundamentals such as Data Privacy, Data Security, and Data Quality help to make innovation ethical
  • If we borrow the Do no harm ethical principle from the humanitarian world, we are on our way to achieving durable appropriate solutions
  • When we put it all together, data governance, ethics and innovation we can achieve the Sustainable development goals

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