From Climate Change And Data To Sustainable Business Outcome – Serge de Gheldere

Backed by the European Commission, more than 7000 European cities, signatories of the Covenant of Mayors, are taking the lead in steering society towards a prosperous, attractive low-carbon economy. Yet cities find it challenging to identify and prioritise the most effective ways to save costs and carbon. Even harder is to communicate progress and engage citizens to turn campaigns into climate action. What if city administrations had access to a data-driven, collaborative online tool to develop, monitor and implement city climate action plan? An eye opening, visionary and practical presentation on turning data into insight and insight into action. From data to action.


  • The carbon and energy challenges we are facing are formidable, but the opportunity is unprecedented
  • Cities are in a prime position to act on this opportunity yet struggle to turn climate plans into action and engage their citizens
  • Higher resolution, higher frequency data, analytics and collaborative online tools can help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon
  • Cities that use and share real-world data about what climate measure work and position themselves in the global economy for the coming century.

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