Experts advise: How to turn data into insights in the AI industrialisation era

AI industrialisation

The decade of data and AI industrialisation holds great potential for organisations to see the full value of their data and AI investments. However, without a proper plan for adoption, firms can experience the detrimental consequences of resource and funding misallocation, warns Ashley Cline, VP of Sales at Cloud Interactive.

We had a chat with Ashley before the annual Data Innovation Summit, to discuss the state of AI-driven innovation, the challenges standing in the way of monetisation of their data and AI innovation efforts and reveal some insider tips on how companies can speed up the process of turning data into insight and action in the AI industrialisation era.

Hyperight: Ashley, we are very glad to have you at the 5th Annual Data Innovation Summit. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your organisation? 

Ashley Cline: I’m the VP of Sales at Cloud Interactive based in San Francisco and Dubai. I work with clients to design and develop intelligent software systems and to build software systems embedded with AI.

Ashley Cline, VP of Sales at Cloud Interactive

Cloud Interactive is an AI, Software Engineering, and Design consulting company founded in 2010. We provide end-to-end AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Software Design and Development service. With offices in San Francisco, Dubai, Amsterdam and Taipei, we are experienced in Media, Ad-tech, healthcare, finance, IoT, manufacturing, retail, construction, fitness, entertainment, gaming and other highly specialised sectors.

Hyperight: We are here today, discussing data and AI-driven innovation, analytics and data science and how to maximise your ROI from it. What are your thoughts on these subjects and how is your company helping in this area? 

Ashley Cline: From oil and mining, gaming, hospitality, healthcare, to telecom, AI can be implemented and integrated to streamline processes. Significant investments in data, analytics and AI will uncover new insights that can give companies the competitive edge. Cloud Interactive evaluates our clients’ current systems and works closely with them and their data to spot opportunities and build AI solutions and software systems. At Cloud Interactive, the combination of designers, developers, and data scientists working together is what allows us to create industry-leading systems with streamlined and embedded AI solutions for clients.

AI industrialisation

Hyperight: It is 2020. We just left the Data and AI pioneering decade and moving into a new decade of AI industrialisation where it is expected organisations to see the full potential of their data and AI investments. Every organisation, even country looks like it is gearing up for it. How do you see the maturity or readiness of organisations today and what are the main challenges hindering them to fast track monetisation of their data and AI innovation efforts in their organisations?

Ashley Cline: Every single digitally adept enterprise has the potential to enhance operations with the correct implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. However, without a proper plan for adoption, firms can experience the detrimental consequences of resource and funding misallocation. At Cloud Interactive, our mission is to unleash the potential of our clients by precisely transforming their digital vision into reality. We help clients to understand their needs and prevent their AI implementation effort from going to waste or getting dragged on more than expected.

AI industrialisation

Hyperight: Why should companies build customised systems versus buying ready-made solutions or software systems?

Ashley Cline: Instead of changing the company’s data structure to fit the ready-made solutions, custom systems are designed from clients’ special needs with a better fit of their existing business structure. Buying a ready-made solution can be cheaper, hence if your company wants to be different and becomes the top of the industry, our custom solution is your best choice.

Hyperight: Considering that AI, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics are changing how businesses operate today, where do you see the biggest impact of AI and advanced analytics?

Ashley Cline:  AI is the key buzzword these days, which can explain that our clients are across a broad range of industries. We have been working with Ad Tech companies to build Ad Tech platforms with AI embedded throughout the platform. This AI embedded platform helps advertisers track their ads and marketing efforts down to demographics, locations, and clicks and has created a more consumer-centric world and empower advertisers with increased visibility, control and performance over their media planning and buying.

AI industrialisation

Hyperight: And lastly, what would be your advice for those companies just starting with their data-driven transformation through AI and advanced analytics? What would be your recommendation for speeding up the process of turning data into insight and action in the AI industrialisation decade?

Ashley Cline:  In my opinion, first of all, companies should have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve and what are their business goals. In order to come to such decisions, our AI consultants help the companies analyse the clients’ strategy, its opportunities, and challenges as well as data management and analytics capabilities which makes it easier for them to better equip and deal with the challenges of the future business environment.

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