Everything will change – Errol Koolmeister, The AI Framework


Keynote Outline
The world is slowly adopting AI & Data, and we see remarkable results. A new industrial revolution is at the gate, and everything will change again. In the previous revolutions, we have witnessed a transformative change in many different sectors impacting everything from how we work to how we live and interact. Much of the changes have been for the better, but not all. We are now at a tipping point, and we are leading the way. In this talk, you will have the opportunity to listen to Errol Koolmeister speak about his experiences in the market. What has changed, and why are companies now starting to see the impact of this change? What can we learn from history, and what choice can we make? The world is moving faster than before, and we are standing in the middle of it.

Key Takeaways
Learn where we are and how we got there.
What is the state of AI maturity?
What parallels can we make towards earlier industrial revolutions?
What is around the corner, and what do we need to prepare for in organizations.
Get a mix of both technical understanding and societal impact.

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