Data Mesh in Practice: How to set up a data driven organization – Max Schultze, Zalando


The Data Mesh paradigm is a strong candidate to supersede the centralized data lake and data warehouse as the dominant architectural patterns in data and analytics. It promotes the concept of domain-focused Data Products which go beyond sharing of files and towards guarantees of quality and acknowledgement of data ownership.

Through personal experience with applying the Data Mesh concept in practice, as well as dedicated field research, the presenter discovered the most common pain points at different stages of the journey and identified successful approaches to overcome those challenges. In this talk you will gain both technical and organizational insights ranging from companies that are just starting to promote a mindset shift of working with data, to companies that are already in the process of transforming their data infrastructure landscape, to advanced companies that are working on federated governance setups for a sustainable data driven future.

Key Takeaways

  • Core Pillars of the Data Mesh Concept
  • Common pain points of data driven organizations
  • Best practices and organizational tooling on how to get started

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