Data Driven Uptime – Niklas Olsson, Scania


Brief look at the journey we have done within Scania together with our customers towards data driven uptime ???? Where we were and how we have successfully and globally scaled our data driven maintenance program (from 0 to 106 000+ active data driven maintenance agreements within the short time span of 3+ years) with Condition Based Maintenance principals combined with additional data driven aspects (we have today around 430 000+ connected vehicles creating the necessary data context). Key Takeaways • The journey from estimation to precision – from precision to customer planning and service network optimization.

  • It is all in the execution – service delivery core in the value creation.
  • Uptime = the WIN – WIN business model – will only become stronger within our industry with electrification around the corner and autonomous over the hill
  • How to sell uptime?

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