Building Data Quality Program: Define, Assess, Improve and Control (DAIC) Approach – Monika Kapoor, Philips Healthcare


Session Outline

Presentation will cover four-phased DAIC approach derived from Six Sigma Methodologies. We will see application of four-phase Define, Assess, Improve and Control approach to carry out Data Quality projects in a systematic way.

Key Takeaways

  • The Define phase explains defining baseline objectives and scope by developing a project charter and obtaining stakeholder commitments.
  • The Assess phase elaborates definition of critical data elements and business use cases by developing data collection plan, conducting DQ assessment and updating metadata.
  • The Improve phase will explain how to implement issue resolution process, conduct root cause analysis, perform solution analysis and commission improvement efforts.
  • The Control phase essentially aims at having controls around new processes and methods so that gains can be realised to the full extent.

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