Binary is Better for Everything – Robert Luciani, Hao Huang and Velisarios Miloulis, Laketide

Can binary data formats improve every facet of your data science pipeline? Yes! From transmitting data over networks, to working with out-of-core files, and storing the weights of a neural network – fewer bits mean less hot air and more valuable data. You’ve asked the software developers to work with you but they don’t know what a derivative is. You’ve asked the statisticians for help but there’s no R package for what you want to do ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It’s time to pull out your data scientist cape with LakeTide! In this session you will learn how to:


  • Serialize data before transmitting it
  • Analyze giant out-of-core binary files
  • Reduce your deep learning models from 32-bits to 8-bits to 1-bit

Time to crush some data!

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