You’d be scared to know what is in your data! – Thomas Svahn & Robert Engels, Capgemini


Next generation, advanced analytics builds data-driven enterprises. Visualisations play an important role in creating insights in humans. Where these two come together there is also a gap: whereas humans tend to focus on relations for understanding, many analytics methods analyse the facts.
Often data, distributed throughout the organisation in many different formats and systems has many uncovered, hidden or simply unknown relationships.
Finding and making those explicit should be a focus area in building your data ecosystem.
Is there any help to get?

Key Takeaways

  • Becoming a champion on data analytics is pertinent in a data boosting world
  • Data is where your value is, you better take (much better) care of it.
  • Data lives in an ecosystem, if that is bad you will not be able to uses it for the better
  • Interlinking your data ecosystem provides the necessary context for intelligible automation
  • (Inter)relating your data is necessary, but not necessarily simple

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