Why the IT industry cannot deliver data-centric computing – George Staw, Barclays Bank

Since its very earliest days computing has operated on the basis that the key to solving any problem is the process (aka program aka algorithm) i.e. the specific sequence of actions and decisions which will always and unfailingly deliver the correct answer.

We have got so used to this idea that it seems totally self-evident, but it is all too easy to forget that this process-centric approach emerged at a time when technologies for storing data were almost non-existent and when computers could do little else but run single programs.

That world may no longer exist but today’s IT industry has simply failed to take account of this seismic change and still shows no interest in understanding the true nature of digital information and how it should be managed.

The purpose of this talk is to examine how and why this has happened and what IT users can do to remedy this situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Data nightmares: why IT users continue to face the same data-related problems.
  • Understanding the true nature of the process-centric mindset.
  • Understanding the true nature of information.
  • Challenges and solutions: making data-centric IT a practical reality.

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