Unabridged AI/ML: A Silicon Valley Perspective – Bhairav Mehta, Apple

Latest development in AI Deep Learning techniques applied to real use cases for Image Recognition, Image segmentation, Text Classification, Speech recognition will be discussed and then will be extended to deployment in the distributed cloud environment using container orchestration engine and how it can be used for model development. All these topics will be explained with unique silicon valley perspective


  • Deep Learning fundamentals
  • Real life use cases a. Image Classification b. Image segmentation c. Text Classification d. Speech recognition
  • Latest development using Regiona based CNN, YOLO, Google BERT, Facebook PyText, PyAudio
  • Intro to Containers and Dockers. How AI ML models can be deployed on the Cloud based containers and models development/deployment process

➡ View/Download the PDF presentation file at https://datainnovationsummit.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/M2_11.45_Bhairav_Mehta_Apple.pdf

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