The Power of Insights: Enhancing productivity and delivering value at Scale – Ashish Arora, Autodesk


This is a story of a data product that combined human expertise with machine-driven insights to enhance productivity and deliver value to millions of AutoCAD users. This talk would be focused on how Autodesk delivers Machine Learning driven usage insights. We would talk about a use case where we built a serverless platform that analyzes 7+ billion events and generates 2+ million user insights DAILY. Our insights focus on helping customers improve their productivity levels for example with complex software like AutoCAD it might be that even after years of experience you are unknown to a certain feature, what we could do is using usage patterns we can recommend you features that will be useful to your context.

Key Takeaways

  • How we built a serverless system to scale to process terabytes of data to produce millions of insights
  • How we built a data product that combines human intelligence with machine learning
  • How we deliver Insight as a Service which all Autodesk products can leverage

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