The false truth about everybody being data-driven – Tobias Wagenknecht, Aftonbladet


Everybody is stressing out, they all feel the urgency to become data-driven. Established businesses disappear and unicorns disrupt the market and question well established work-flows. There is a hysteria about the need to change and to do it all at once. This presentation is supposed to calm you down, I will speak about my own mistakes and how the general perception of everybody else succeeding tricks us into feeling bad. In the end you will realize that you are not alone in your struggle and I will share some learnings that helped me along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Changes take time and becoming data-driven is one of the biggest
  • Take small steps, gather some people around you and think use-case by use-case
  • Calm down, embrace your failures and dare to speak about them
  • Don’t worry too much about Peter!

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