The CDO and the Evolution in Managing a New Entrepreneurial Asset – Norman Stürtz, Credit Suisse AG

In the session we will introduce the idea of data as entrepreneurial asset that more and more needs management attention and care. We will shed a light on how the Chief Data Officer as relatively new role caters for this need and how he evolved in managing this asset in the past 5 years.


  • The new entrepreneurial asset, needs dedicated attention and cannot be just managed on the go by some CxO, because of its hybrid position between business and IT
  • Full leverage of data can only be achieved by doing some prep work before analytics and machine learning is applied
  • That this prep-work needs specialized management approaches similar to American football where there is a need for a defense and an offense team
  • That there is no “one size fits it all” of this role but that it needs a customized set-up depending on industry and business model
  • That the future will be dependent on ethical and competitive use of data

➡ View/Download the PDF presentation file at https://datainnovationsummit.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/M4_10.30_Norman_Sturtz_Credit_Suisse.pdf

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