Tech and democracy – who is responsible for tomorrow? – Louise Callenberg, Singula

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Session Outline

Who is responsible for tomorrow? The world is shifting, and we are shifting with it. Behavioral, power, money, possibilities, beliefs and society are rapidly changing due to technical advances and new ways of living. It has happened before in history and every time disturbing times comes and mankind has a window of unity. Where are we now? What kind of responsibility do the market have? What can we expect from politicians? Is there now time to raise democratic questions and listen to the movements that want tech to be a part of a more equal and sustainable world?

Key Takeaways

This Is a speech that gives you fuel on your ethical thoughts. It will set data in a democratic, historic and human perspective and seek to show what is happening in the broader picture regarding a changing world view due to the data economy that’s coming to replace the capitalistic economy . From this you will be better on laying out your business strategy and to give yourself an important reflection on your personal mission and your company’s part of making the future historical.

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