Robocops and Superhumans: Ethical Dilemmas of Frontier Technology – Uthman Ali, BP

An amazing keynote poresentation at the Data Innovation Summit 2024 in Stockholm! A presentation on “Robocops and Superhumans: The Ethical Dilemmas of Frontier Technology.“ Welcoming Uthman Ali, Expert in AI Ethics, Senior Product Analyst at BP! Brain implants, synthetic media and robotics for law enforcement are already here. In this keynote, we learn about the next wave of technological disruption. And the pressing ethical dilemmas society will face over the next decade. From brain-hacking, thought policing and weaponised robots! Key takeaways:

  • Explore emerging technologies such as AI, robotics, and human augmentation that are poised to disrupt society within the next 5-10 years.
  • Delve into the new ethical dilemmas these innovations will present, including issues of regulation, privacy, consent, and beyond.
  • Acquire frameworks to address the ethics of rapid technological advancements in a proactive and responsible manner.

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