Master constant change and drive agility with DataOps – Giuseppe Mura, StreamSets

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Session Outline

DataOps is a set of practices and technologies that operationalises Data Engineering and integration to ensure resiliency and agility in the face of constant change. This session will show you how DataOps can lead to faster data-driven and automated analytics using real-life examples. You will hear from DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, on how DNB’s Insights Platform for Analytics (IPA) brings data, code and tools together to create insights and valuable data products designed to fulfil a specific business purpose such as regulatory reporting, scoring model results, monetized data sets, and KPI dashboards.

Key Takeaways

  • How to create a single source of truth from siloed data with a cloud DataOps platform
  • The practical organisational and operating models for consuming that data
  • How customers use StreamSets for ingestion, transformation, and orchestration of data
  • How smart data pipelines enable teams to work faster in parallel

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