Interview with the 2021 DAIR Awards Winner in the Individual Category “Machine Learning Professional of the Year” Victoria Chudinov

Victoria Chudinov - DAIR Awards Winner

The Nordic Data and AI Readiness (DAIR) Awards acknowledge and celebrate exceptional individuals, teams, and organizations that have done great work in data, analytics and AI across the Nordics. Before the 2022 edition of the Nordic DAIR Awards, we talked with some of the winners of the 2021 edition.

Hyperight: Last year, when you got the “Individual Category Machine Learning Professional of the Year ” Award you were working at Dixa as a Data Scientist. Has anything changed since last year and what are you working on these days?

Victoria Chudinov: I am currently taking a break and working on getting better at playing the harp, and on reading a few books on systems thinking. 

Hyperight: What motivated you to apply last year, and do you have any advice for future applicants?

Victoria Chudinov: If I remember correctly, I got an invitation, and thought to myself “why the hell not”, and look what happened! I think my biggest advice is to think of it as something fun, and just go ahead. No point in spending too much time overthinking it. And you will be surprised by the amount of support you get from your friends, co-workers and colleagues.

Hyperight: Looking back on the DAIR Awards from last year, how would you describe the experience of the ceremony? Did you expect to win the Award?

Victoria Chudinov: I definitely did not expect to win and for quite a while I was sitting there like a doofus not knowing what to say. Had to make an emergency run to the store for champagne, lol. I had to watch the ceremony remotely, and feel deep regret for not being able to be there in person, because it seemed like a genuinely fun time.  

Hyperight: Has the Award made any difference in your career, and do you plan to apply this year? 

Victoria Chudinov: I think so. It was a big boost to my confidence, and that always reflects on your work. And I got a lot more recruiters contacting me than usual so there is that. I would love to, but I think it would make more sense for people that don’t have an award to go for it. 

Hyperight: Regarding awards, people are known to choose some interesting spots for safekeeping. Where in your home/office do you keep your DAIR Award?

Victoria Chudinov: It is sitting on my bookshelf, next to a couple of art books. Central enough to be noticed, but not obvious enough to scream “look at me” (well, maybe a bit). 

The deadline for applying and nominating for the 2022 edition of the Nordic DAIR Awards is October 15th. The Awards are divided into two main categories: Individual and Company. Explore more about the DAIR Awards

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