From Data Collection to Data Action – Ludwig Krokstedt, Schibsted Media Group

I will talk about how the central data and insights team in Schibsted media help making sure that all different data consumers within the organization can get the data they need in order to make data informed decisions at all times. I will talk about how we address the needs of real-time analytics, using Kafka and amplitude, as well as the need of slower data structured in a central data warehouse and local data repositories using Snowflake, Tableau and other tools.


  • Overview of the massive amount of data that Schibsted Media handles on a daily basis and how we make sure that the data is actionable and available.
  • Inspiration on how you can adhere to the local and central data needs using Snowflake as a central data hub
  • The benefits of standardizing the data tool sets, data collection and making it available to a broader audience within the company

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