Engineering Data Reliability into a Data Mesh – Abhishek Khare, HelloFresh & Natasha Lauer, Soda

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Session Outline

Join Abhishek Khare, Senior Data Engineer at HelloFresh, and Natasha Lauer, Head of Marketing at Soda, for a discussion on how HelloFresh built and implemented a data quality solution using Soda, into their self-serve data platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Build a data quality solution in a Data Mesh setup
  • Establish a data product mindset
  • Increase trust in their data
  • Build a modern self-serve data platform with open-source and cloud technologies
  • Align everyone – business and technical – behind a shared vision

You’ll also learn how HelloFresh are enabling self-service to allow them to scale in ways that were previously impossible: migration, reorganization, distributed teams, and any other challenge presented by the size and complexity of data.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how Abhishek and the engineering team architected and built a domain-driven platform that guarantees quality, data sharing, and data ownership.

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