Driving Value and Transformation With IoT Projects – Thomas Asger Hansen & Christian Rasmussen

Much of the transformative power of IoT projects in large organizations can disappear in technical discussions. This session will take a starting point in a real Grundfos case, where not only new technical innovation, but also transformation of organizational capability and business models have been at the core of scope definition right from the beginning. The session will explain how Grundfos with this project tries to link IoT with Big Data, AI, and AR in one coordinated effort to maximize value and digital transformation across the organization.


  • The technical scope and architecture of an integrated IoT, Big Data, and AR solution for the Grundfos Service Business
  • How data builds the foundation for value propositions and value discussion
  • How we work with organizational capabilities and digital transformation in parallel. Especially how the network organization is designed and how Big Data Lab becomes one body with DCO (Digital Commercial Offerings) even though we are separate line organizations

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