Accelerating “data to value” with data scientists, to meet future transportation need – Robert Valton, Volvo Group Connected Solutions


Session Outline

Looking at the future, we see an increased demand for transportation. This is the result of a global market, booming e-commerce and a growing connected middle class. At the same time climate change, congested cities, hazardous road and working conditions call for future transport solutions that are safer, cleaner and more efficient. These challenges require transformation based on facts and actionable insights from data. In this session, Robert will share his experience of unleashing the value from more than 1M connected customer assets with data science, to meet the need of future transportation.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced Analytics & AI is a key enabler to transform data to value, and to meet the future transportation need
  • The full value potential will be reached by combining known/unknown business questions with all relevant data and capabilities like data scientists
  • True Data scientists are rare and sought-after – highlights of success factors to attract, lead and retain this highly skilled competence

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