A paramount shield for a world-class BI solution – T. Alexander Lystad & Carlos Canales, Visma


Visma is one of the top 5 software companies in the EU and the number one cloud ERP in Europe. An increasing number of Visma products are developed and operated according to the Visma Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM). VCDM is a continuously improving framework Visma uses to ensure that it delivers cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to customer needs.
With MicroStrategy as the core platform, Enterprise BI is one of Visma’s VCDM services that benefits from that framework and takes visualisation techniques to a world-class level. T. Alexander and Carlos will explain how pairing VCDM and dashboard design frameworks with MicroStrategy, remarkably shields a BI & Analytics solution used by local governments in Norway.

Key Takeaways

  • Developing, delivering and operating cloud services
  • Data visualisation and BI dashboard design framework
  • Multitenant BI & Analytics for local governments

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