36months of AI – OP Financial Group’s AI Journey and Use Cases – Antti Myllymäki, OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group has finished over 150 AI projects since starting AI journey late 2016. Session highlights both 1. WHAT – presenting key choices to be made at AI transformation journey and 2. HOW – presenting six most interesting AI use cases from chatbots to personal financial management.

Key Takeaways

  • Key choices of AI transformation are
    • Time horizon?
    • Approach – Project or strategy first?
    • Funding – centralized vrs. business?
    • Owner – IT vrs. business?
    • Opportunities
    ○ How to identify?
    ○ Quality vrs. quantity?
    ○ Value – growth, risk, efficiency?
    ○ Delivery capability – internal vrs. external?
    ○Tools, cloud, data?
  • Use cases
    • There are tremendous AI possibilities for 1. operational efficiency and 2. risk management, AI is not just about customer insight and growth.

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