Industrial AI and Cognitive Analytics. The human out of the loop – Diego Galar, Luleå University of Technology


AI technologies are expected to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial processes. However, AI is not as well-used in industry as we might expect, given its potential. Enormous efforts are needed to integrate AI applications into corporate structures and along the entire value-added chain.

Industrial AI is a discipline which focuses on developing machine learning algorithms for industrial applications with sustainable performance. Combined with the sensor technologies, communication and big data analytics platforms, a systematic Industrial AI methodology will integrate of physical systems with digital models. The concept of Industrial AI is in childhood stage and may require the use of various technologies such as Internet of Things and Data Analytics under the Industry 4.0 initiative where smart devices and the physical world interact with each other to reach intended goals. A broad range of Industries will harness the power of Industrial AI to gain insights and optimize their uptime, productivity and efficiency of their operations.

The talk will describe Industrial AI’s capacity to analyze very large amounts of high-dimensional data and change the current industry and transport paradigm.

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