How to build a data foundation to enable machine learning, AI and data analytics – Shaun Rolls, SEB


This session will cover insights into how SEB is evolving its innovative data management platform including:

– How to design and structure common metadata capabilities to provide a common language around the organisation’s complex data domains

– How to design a data management platform to provide data lineage and enhance data quality. – How to structure data models for ML and AI via building semantic data models & scalable knowledge graphs

– How to structure data to provide a business facing view and support analytics used for AI, BI and analytic dashboards

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how your organisation can understand its data for the purpose of analytics and machine learning capabilities from a business perspective.
  • Learn how to improve the overall management and governance of your organisation’s data.
  • Learn how to prepare your data to maximise the utilisation of new technology

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