Enabling Autonomous Teams to Ignite Growth – Yanis Bousdira, Segment & Jamie Dunbar Smyth, G-Loot


G-Loot’s Chief Intelligence Officer, Jamie Dunbar Smyth shares how G-Loot has become a company rooted in data, replacing wasteful big bets and guessing approaches with more consistent, cost-effective, and repeatable processes. They’ve armed their product teams with a way for people to act on data quickly and easily, and better understand their users. Everything from acquiring them to retaining them, and keeping them coming back for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficiently and accurately delivering customer data to tools for analytics, advertising, email, and more, without adding more code to your website or app
  • Building a unified customer view in your data warehouse without the ETL headache
  • Creating a shared data foundation for your business that enables growth

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