Day 1 Chairman’s Opening Remarks – Welcome to the decade of Data/AI Industrialization- Henrik Göthberg, Dairdux

With the 5th DIS year 2020, we are shifting gears. We are leaving the pioneering decade of modern Data/AI Innovation. The last 10 years we saw the emergence of new technologies starting up as Open Source initiatives and R&D level efforts to fully harness underlying needed computation power to drive Algorithmic processes. From Data Visualization & exploration, Big Data and Cloud to Machine learning and new ways to capture IOT data. We are now entering the Data/AI industrialization decade. We see both new and old technology vendors, opens source technologies and new types of experts thriving in the modern data/AI eco-system. Roles such as Data Engineers building data pipelines, Data Scientists developing new analytical models based on machine learning algorithms, Computer Scientists able to put new machine learning algorithms into code deployed in production. And Digital Service Design and UX experts enabling people to interact with algorithms. The lingo, the understanding of what it takes, the technology and the expertise has come a long way in the last decade.

The Data/AI innovators and early adaptors have from the start grown up in this context. The big Data/AI dragons or the new breed of companies executing on a platform business model disrupting the old business models and not to forget a thriving start-up community that already truly understands the new world. These companies are the ones driving the boundaries of what Data/AI First is all about. And the rest of society is playing catch up. Many of us still have yet to do the pivot from our old world views and dogmatic truths on how to organize, steer, operate and drive change, to what works in the Data/AI first society we are evolving into in this coming decade.

With DIS year 2020, the emphasis moves fully into a discussion on how to reach Data/AI Industrialization. Our focus is to put a light on the needed pivot to capture production value of Data/AI at scale in all parts of society. A journey that right now seems to get stuck in a sea of power points and high-flying discussions. Where we have a hard time moving from piloting to real production. Stuck in experimentation but not able to stabilize the operational set up to scale up or reach production value from Data and AI in our legacy organizations.

Putting a light on the needed pivot means we need to better understand the real root-causes that are blocking our progress and acceleration. We need for example to “DAIR” to disrupt the old truths how we drive and view IT in our legacy organization. We need to “DAIR” to question the IT and Consultant industry and the way it has operated since the last 20 years. Is the current established practices helping or hindering the needed pivot? What is the new way in tune with a Data/AI first society? How will eco-system thinking, alliances, collaboration, co-creation and the gig/network economy change the whole map to better be geared to what we need in the Data/AI first society?

Please join us to be inspired and knowledge share. Together as Data/AI leaders and practitioners. DAIR Legends from within the industry as well as from the corporate or public sector alike. Let’s kick off the next decade of Data and AI Industrialization. Together let’s re-write the map and co-create the future we want to have.

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