Algorithmic Business Models, High Frequency Trading and eCommerce – Bjorn Hertzberg, Algorete


Session Outline

All for-profit businesses buy and/or sell a product or service. This is also true for financial markets; however, the archaic language used in finance (uncovered warrant, Asian tail call, etc.) can make it hard to compare with other (non-financial) markets. This is unfortunate as the seismic shifts in competitive advantage between traditional banks and exchanges viz a vis the new market entrants the past 20-30 years holds important lessons for management in non-financial markets. This talk will present in brief (and plain language) how the concept of the algorithmic business model radically transformed financial markets, created vast amounts of money to the few initiated, and the important lessons of why some banks failed and some still exist.

Key Takeaways

– What is the algorithmic business model?

– How did it change the financial trading industry?

– How did it impact traditional banks and exchanges?

– What can other industries such as eCommerce learn from this experience and how should they best prepare and act today?

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