The awesome evolution of data processing. From dull numeric sequences to colorful drawings of the future. Human contribution is here to stay.


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Session Outline

Data processing has always been there. Living in technique era, we feel like automation, integration and decisions can run unmanned. Is DataOps just another step toward full machine autonomy?

Let’s talk about how humans and machines can individually and differently contribute to company and society progress.

Key Takeaways

  • Team transformation and build
  • SLAs suitability
  • Competitive advantage is a recipe based on new ingredients
  • The trust blockchain, when customer reaches backend



Andrea Piro – DataOps Manager | A.P. Moller – Maersk

Andrea brings a 20+ years of experience in enterprise IT, where he designed, build and ran solutions. He covered different roles, from ABAP developer to Head of Business Intelligence Operations. During his career he wrote lots of “hello world!” and “select *”, enjoyed working and learning from top colleagues in top Companies. Always looks for the fundamentals ingredients of success: collaboration, simplicity, trust. He thinks the real team player is the invisible fellow colleague. He will join Data2030Summit to share his experience, common and disruptive elements he has seen along the years.

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