DNVGL Predictive Maintenance Examples - Jarl S. Magnusson

Presenting the importance of Data Management and Data Quality in order to capture the right data, to adapt (transform and integrate) data and use it for advanced predictive maintenance analytics.

Learning points:

  • Do we underestimate the need for data management and data quality?
  • Profiling and Rules Libraries
  • What is needed for continuous monitoring?
  • Presenting some DNVGL and Customer examples from predictive maintenance


3 months ago

I was watching the video and I can't help but relate the predictive maintenance to playing subway surfers on pc! You have to predict every move you make because you're trying to avoid obstacles. I really enjoyed playing the game. If you haven't tried then, I highly suggest you do! Great way for you to destress and just have fun while playing!

4 months ago

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