Challenges In Modeling Elevators For Predictive Maintenance - Matti Laakso

Matti Laakso presents the unique challenge that the variety of different elevator makes, models, and types present to a company that provides predictive maintenance to all of them.

Learning points:

  • Predictive maintenance of assets that vary a lot in their behavior presents an interesting challenge
  • Asset behavior can be homogenized by a careful feature selection


3 months ago

The challenges presented here are very similar to when you challenge akinator! The problem is that the instructions to building these types of elevators are very unclear. You are better off understanding how to get gacha club for free rather than the steps to build these elevators. Although easier said than done, making these instructions clear would be a great first step in providing for predictive maintenance. It can help homogenize asset behaviour via a careful feature selection so that it can solve these challenges at the outset.

4 months ago

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