Worlds Collide? Part Deaux. The Convergence of Operational and Analytical MDM! - Paul Billingham

Conventional wisdom subdivides the master data management problem into two smaller ones. There's Operational MDM, which fosters collaboration across the value chain with consistent and accurate master data and integrates with your ERP and CRM systems. Then there's Analytical MDM, which provides a solid foundation for analytics with accurate, conformed dimensions and hierarchies which integrates with your enterprise data warehouses, big data stores and BI tools. Despite different IT teams managing the operational and analytical systems, should we have different master data management platforms? Aren't most business intelligence programs analysing an organization's operations? Shouldn't analytical processes use the same master data as operations?

In this talk, Paul Billingham from Orchestra Networks describes how organisations are creating new value from their operational MDM assets by re-using and extending them in an analytical context. Numerous case studies and lessons learned from Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financial Services will be described.


a year ago

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