Innovation In Service And Maintenance Industry Using Predictive Analytics - Ashutosh Kumar

Karsten Moholt is one of the largest workshops in the Nordics for service, maintenance, condition monitoring and lifetime extension of electromechanical machines. In this session, Ashutosh Kumar talks about how Karsten Moholt is using data and predictive analytics in the era of digitalization to provide predictive maintenance (PdM) solutions. He will discuss about the changing maintenance strategies, their effects in the maintenance industry, new challenges and how Karsten Moholt is adapting with the new business needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Innovation and Digitalisation enabling PdM in maintenance industry
  • Traditional Condition monitoring and Predictive maintenance: Advantages and Challenges in both approaches
  • How Karsten Moholt has always adapted with new business needs and new technologies.
  • Case study of PdM in asset heavy industry


a day ago

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3 months ago

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