How to implement and successfully manage Data Mesh in your organisation (it’s not just tech)

In the age of data as a first-class citizen, every enterprise strives to be data-driven, pouring hefty investments into data platforms and enablers. However, the ever-growing data demands are no match for the traditional data warehouse or data lake with limited real-time streaming capabilities. The need for democratisation and scalability in the data pipelines underpins the faults in the legacy systems and conflicting business priorities. Fortunately, there is a new enterprise data architecture on the rise that ushers in a new lease on the bulky and fragile data pipelines. 

Data Mesh introduces a way of seeing data not as a by-product but as decentralised self-contained data products. But implementing Data Mesh in your organisation is easier said than done. 

Once the basic principles and benefits of Data Mesh are understood, normally enterprises recognise immediately that Data Mesh will request a huge effort for the entire organisation to shift towards the new paradigm:

  • Collecting a full buy-in from the entire organisation is one of the challenges that companies must need to face to successfully roll out a Data Mesh initiative.
  • Having a clear roadmap will help to establish transparency and clarity throughout the entire organisation.
  • Adopting an efficient organisational blueprint is a key element: everybody needs to understand who does what and what to expect from a certain role or Domain owner (organisational blueprint with teams, roles and accountabilities that must be provided).

Join us in an exclusive webinar where we demystify the concepts and the proper definitions about Data Mesh while disclosing the main steps that need to be addressed to successfully implement and manage Data Mesh in your organisation. 

By joining this webinar you will learn how to:

  • create and define a Data Mesh manifesto, 
  • understand the interactions between domains and data products, 
  • enable smooth data governance transition through new standards and, 
  • address the key organisational changes that have to be integrated to evolve from the existing environment.
  • Data Mesh live cycle real case examples and the main hinders to expect along the way.


Some understanding in the topic of Data Mesh. Otherwise, you can check out introduction video by clicking here

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Beginner, Intermediate

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Business, Management, Organisation

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Head of Analytics, Chief Data Officer, Program Manager, Data Architect or Chief Data Architect, Chief Operating Officers, Head of business line, Head of Service Line, (Chief Information Officer)




Online via Webinar Jam.

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Webinar Leaders

Henrik Göthberg
Alberto Firpo

CEO and Co-Founder
Agile Lab

Graduated at Politecnico of Milano in Telecommunications Engineering, Alberto has been active since the beginning as C++ developer and freelance project manager. Through the years, he gradually moved from technical to account management positions and he has been active mostly in the Banking/Capital Markets sector.
After a freelance career, in 2014 he’s founded Agile Lab with the specific purpose to develop a vertical entrepreneurial adventure in the field of Big Data technologies and Machine Learning.
Since the foundation, until today, the company has been constantly growing and working with success in very challenging projects delivering high-quality solutions to Top 1st Tier Companies around Europe.

Henrik Göthberg
Henrik Göthberg

CEO and Founder / Organizational Management Expert
Dairdux Alliance

Henrik is a founder of Dairdux, a professional crowdsourcing alliance of corporates, experts and academic researchers that helps organisations with Data and AI readiness. Prior to founding Dairdux, Henrik has been working for 7 years at Vattenfall in different management positions such as Group Data & Analytics Transformation Lead, Head of Group Financial Systems and Head of BI and Lead Development Management – Europe. Henrik has an international consulting background based out of Stockholm and Sydney. He is part of the Digitization Advisory Board, for European Utility Week, and resident chairman of the Data Innovation Summit. In his spare time Henrik is running a VLOG “From Data to Value” on YouTube to grow Data/AI literacy among Executives and Middle managers.