Carve Into Data Mesh With Business First Approach: Interview With Rockie Yang, Knock Data

Rockie Yang will present at the 6th edition of the Data 2030 Summit on “Carve Into Data Mesh With Business First Approach”.

tpo33 Events | Modern Data Strategy for Trustworthy AI

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What You Need to Know About Data Lakehouse

We are in an era of a massive collection of different types of data through tremendous sources. But for businesses leveraging data is not easy. There are several reasons.

How Can Private Markets Benefit From ML and Deep Learning Models?

This article presents one solution that proposes a way to overcome the challenges that private markets face when applying ML and deep learning.

Introduction to Knowledge Graph: Importance, Tools and Examples

You may come across different opinions about what Knowledge Graph is across the industries since every organisation is trying to come up with their own definition and ways to maximize the value from it.